Bitcoin -0.04%
Cardano 3.33%
Ethereum Classic 0.11%
Bitcoin Cash 0.02%
NEM -0.35%
Ethereum -0%
Stellar 0.64%
EOS -0.06%
Litecoin -0.14%
Tether -0.1%
Monero 0.07%
TRON -0.02%
IOTA 0.05%
Binance Coin -0.47%
Dash -0.06%
Neo -0.19%
Zcash -0.01%
Tezos 0.6%


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What’s the Future of Crypto Mining

Although crypto-mining involves decentralized principles and the consumption of non-renewable energy, it becomes more central and environmentally friendly over time.


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After several attempts to release $ 8,300, the Bitcoin price finally took off. BTC / USD rose more than 5%,

Casa Node

Casa announces Its Bitcoin Full Node Casa Node 2

The New York-based crypto preservation company Casa has released Casa Node 2, a new version of the popular pre-synchronized Bitcoin